What You Need to Know Before Starting a Business

new biz start upCritical Areas of Consideration

Creating A Business

Most people who want to start a business have the same question, what do I need to know to have a business that works? Building a successful business remains one of the great mysteries in our modern society. Is the secret luck, hard work, who you know, what you know, or unknowable? While there are many sources of information on each of the various parts of a business, none seem to be complete, because it is a very complex process.

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Notice to LLC Owners

Good Paperwork Could Save Your MoneyA Timely Notice to Owners of Limited Liability Companies – Especially Those With Only One Member

Under the limited liability company statutes, multi-member limited liability companies provide limited liability for the members and managers of the company. However, single member limited liability companies do not automatically provide limited liability. Limited liability for single member limited liability companies is a facts and circumstances issue. Limited liability is more likely to be upheld if the LLC has proper structure of set-up and adequate evidence and records to verify that the company was properly operated under the limited liability company umbrella.

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Ten Essential Business Functional Areas

essential business functional areasWhen designing a business it is critical that all aspects of the business be addressed. It will not work to concentrate on sales or production or any other part of the business and ignore other parts. So, what are all these other parts that you should address?

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