You Should Understand Your Business Tax Strategy Workshop

Join us for a Zoom® workshop on understanding how the "Tax Game" is played

This workshop will give you a clear understanding of how the "Game" is played and what you need to know to use your business to minimize your tax costs. A choice of two times to attend. The workshop is expected to last about 1 hour.

You Should Understand Your Business Tax StrategyYou will understand:

  • The terms used in playing the "Game"
  • The base from which you design the tax plan
  • The purpose of a tax plan
  • The process of developing a solid tax plan
  • Your current plan and its tactics
  • Other possible tactics to make the results better

The next workshop is scheduled:

  • December 11, 2020 at 9:00 am

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Tax Planning Workbook - 2020 and Beyond

Tax Planning Workbook for 2018 and Beyond for Your Business NetThis workbook is a hands on process. Our intent is to show you the process of producing a tax plan for your business.

Tax Planning is to make you aware of:

  • Some of the many tactics allowed by tax law.
  • Ways you can maneuver business activities to bring taxes down both business and personal.
  • The process of developing a tax plan.

Getting started:

You will need your business’ financial statements year to date. These statements then need to be projected to the end of this calendar year.

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Ten Essential Business Functional Areas

essential business functional areas

When designing a business it is critical that all aspects of the business be addressed. It will not work to concentrate on sales or production or any other part of the business and ignore other parts. So, what are all these other parts that you should address?

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