Your situation requires any of these Preparer Levels

A Level 4 Tax preparer can help you plan for the future and avoid an auditThe Level 4 Senior Tax Preparer. 

This person has years of experience. Has extensive tax law continuing education, understanding of the proper reporting requirements of a wide variety of tax tactics and can prepare all types of income tax returns. They will prepare returns that present accurately the tactics being used and avoid possible audits. Occasionally will recommend new tactics or will be able to show the client how to structure for a tactic.

The Level 5 Master Tax preparer.

This tax preparer has years of experience and hundreds of hours of tax law education, and experience operating businesses or dealing with business operators. Always begins the preparation process by developing an understanding of the strategy being used and will make sure that the accounting and procedures used agree with the rules permitting the tactic. This person will often make recommendations on better ways to manage tax costs, such as changes of taxable entities or the relationships between entities.

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