Meet Dale R. Smith

Dale R Smith, Master Tax Planner and Business Development ExpertMy name is Dale Smith. I am the owner and CEO of The Business Net, Ltd. a company that provides business set-up and coaching services, assistance with accounting, and tax planning and preparation.

I’ve been working with, and in, small businesses in various ways for the past 40 years. As an employee my jobs have included: construction worker, electronic technician, tools developer, janitor, dish washer, bookkeeper/accountant, salesman, corporate business manager, distributor office manager, bar tender, real estate broker, insurance salesman, tax preparer, and CEO. I have a BA degree (major physics/math), an MBA degree (major business management), and hundreds of hours of tax law and practice. Currently my jobs include: CEO, senior accountant, senior tax preparer, tax strategy and planning consultant, business coach, accounting software set-up consultant, finance manager, general manager of all aspects of the administration, and Client go to person.

What Have I Done?

When I received my MBA degree I thought there would be all kinds if job offers, but none came. So I had to find one on my own. Even while employed I was drawn to having my own business. Circumstances led me to own and operate a wide variety of businesses. Some of these were; retail stores, restaurant, real estate limited partnership, a towing company, a construction company, an investment products marketing company, accounting services, business coaching, and tax preparation. Most of these businesses did not do well. I did not have a clear plan and objectives, and in some cases relied on a partner to run the day to day business honestly. While working with these businesses I had a number of realizations. I formed The Business Net, Ltd. to allow me to share those realizations.In my role as business coach and tax planner these realizations have helped a number of clients create and operate quite successful businesses.

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