realization is an “aha” moment when you learn something that changes the way you see your world. Once you have a realization you can never go back to the way you thought the world operated.

 realization is an “aha” moment when you learn something that changes the way you see your world. One of my realizations

In working with all of the businesses listed above, I have had the opportunity to deal with most if not all of the problems and issues that all business owner/operators must handle. So many people jump into a business blindly with only the dimmest idea of how the business will work. They have little or no foundation on which to build their business. And, they try to do the whole process on their own with no one to look to when problems come up.

All businesses deal with the same issues over and over. I fell into these same traps and in some cases ended up out of business. In earlier times I was as guilty as anyone in choosing to “go my own way” in developing and running businesses and ignoring the processes I now know to be needed. The school of hard knocks is a harsh teacher and I have learned how to prevent most of these issues.

This realization! Beginning business owners consistently choose not to do the foundational tasks needed to create a business. They have no foundation from which to build a business. They complain, “We do not have the time to spend on these processes. They sure don’t produce any incomes.” There are always other things calling for our attention and time. We can always go back later and do them. They say, “There will be time after I get things going.” Actually, these activities, if completed, will resolve many problems and issues that always come up as the business moves forward.

A primary reason these things do not get done, ever, is no one pushes us to get them done. And, we really do not know how to work through the processes to develop these foundational pieces. So where do we learn how to do these things?

Another realization

This realization! Every business entrepreneur needs an experienced business coach or the personal discipline to use written materials to guide development of the foundation for their business. A business coach can be a live person or they may follow the written guidance from books on the subject. The term I use for person is your “go to” person. A go to person can guide you through this work and will hold your feet to the fire to make sure you follow through.

So, where does one find such a person? Not an easy task. Many new business owners look to their accountant or attorney, but if they are to be your go to person you must find out if they have ever been in business and how wide is their knowledge about business. Some business incubators have this kind of resources. Sometimes you can find a person who has a going business who can help or can recommend their go to person. I, of course am such a go to person.

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